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In history, powerful and wealthy people often controlled which stories got told and which were hidden. In the past century, many countries limited access to information that didn't fit their official views or beliefs. This lead to certain groups being ignored or mistreated, causing people to feel trapped and making it harder for them to succeed in modern-day life.

Khajistan believes that every person's voice and history matter, no matter their background. Khajistan thinks modern technology should respect the unique perspectives of different groups without making everyone the same. Khajistan is committed to preserving ignored art, stories, images, videos, and knowledge because they're an important part of our humanity's collective memory.

Using AI and a team from South and Central Asia, Khajistan is creating a collection of information about people from the Indus to Istanbul and beyond whose stories have been censored or forgotten. Khajistan wants to help people learn about the history of marginalized groups who used to rely on oral stories and traditions but now share their experiences online. Sadly, just like in their real life, the online spaces they occupy also face censorship and erasure.

Khajistan believes everyone should have access to information from the past and present, as it's a basic human right. By making these resources available to all, Khajistan aims to help people feel included in the larger story of humanity.


Saad Khan, Founder of Khajistan​

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