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Yahk [ਯਹਕ] [یک]:

A Punjabi word that literally translates to "fucker." However, it is also used to describe someone wicked, mischievous, and diabolical, but more in a facetious and light manner. Yahk is used in various abuses such as "maayahka" (motherfucker) and "bhainyahka" (sisterfucker). "Bhainyahva" or "maayahva" also mean the same because "yahva" and "yahka" have a similar implication, and "yahvana" means to get fucked while "yahna" means to fuck.

All of these words are phonetically and thematically related to each other. Yahk is commonly used by Punjabis throughout Pakistan, sometimes in subtle and creative ways. For example, someone might say, "ay bandaa barra naik ay, par noon kadd k" (naik without noon spells as yahk), which is difficult to translate into English because it has a specific local context. In Urdu and Punjabi, naik means noble, and as we already mentioned, yahk means fucker. However, if we only remove one alphabet from the word used for noble, it becomes fucker or a wicked person. So, the translation goes like this: "he's a very noble man only if you subtract the starting alphabet." "Yahki launa" is a similar term, which means to trick someone or make a fool out of someone. Another way to express the same sentiment is "bhainyaki launa."

Some other examples are:

  • Barray barray bhainyahk vekhay ne, tere jeha nahi jamna (I have seen many wicked assholes but you are one of a kind.)

  • Maayahka meri gal tay sun le pehlo (Motherfucker listen to me first.)

  • Tu mere naal changi yahki keeti ay yaar (You have tricked me here, mate.)

  • Har velay yahkiyan tay he hona ayn (You are always trying your little tricks.)

  • Dukaanaala mere naal yahki kar gaya ay (The shop owner has made a fool out of me.)

  • Teriyan bhainyahkiyan de vaajay pardes v vajday ne (You are quite well known for your wickedness abroad too.)

  • Main tere naal chalnaa par kasam chuk koi yahki nahi karen ga (I will go with you but you have to swear that you won’t engage in any sort of trickery.) Tur jaa paraan maayahka (Fuck off, motherfucker.)

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