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Brown Sahib

In Pakistan, people or groups who have embraced the attitudes, ideas, and lifestyles of the British colonial overlords are referred to as "brown sahibs." They are often accused of being disconnected from the problems and reality of the common people and are viewed as holding privileged and powerful positions in society.

Pakistani elites, which include politicians, bureaucrats, members of the feudal class, military establishment, and businessmen who are thought to have embraced the structures of the British colonial masters are commonly referred to as "brown sahibs." They are condemned and criticized for being more concerned with keeping their privileged positions and power intact rather than striving to improve the nation and its citizens.

The Pakistani military and establishment, which historically had close ties to the British colonial masters and was a major institution in sustaining British colonialism in the subcontinent, are generally referred to as "Brown sahibs." Due to their connection, the military and establishment have been accused of serving the interests of Pakistan's elite more than those of the general populace, which is a charge that has merit.

In short, the "Brown sahibs" are the class of individuals who have ensured that Pakistan stays firmly under the control of neocolonial structures, where any development is swiftly hampered.

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