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Chaval [ਚਵਲ]/ Chabal [ਚਬਲ] "[چوال]/[چبال]":

Chaval is a Punjabi word that means nonsense. It is also used interchangeably with the word Chabal. Due to its frequent use over time, the word has seeped into the lexicon of Urdu-speaking people, particularly those living in Punjab. Its origins are hard to trace, like all other words that come from an oral tradition. Besides meaning nonsense, Chaval is also used to describe a person or action when someone does something displeasing or distasteful.

Some of the sentences featuring the word Chaval are:

  • Chavlaan naa maar (stop this nonsense)

  • Yaar tu kidda chaval aadmi ayn (dude, you are such an asshole)

  • Har welay chavlaan kyun maarday o? (Why do you talk absolute nonsense all the time?)

  • Chavlaan barriyan barriyan wekhiyaan nay par tu wakhri item ayn (I have seen many assholes but you are in a league of your own)

  • Chaval jahan di naa hovay tu (you are a world beater when it comes to foolery).

  • Chavlaan da sardar (the king of fools)

  • Chavlaan tu break lay sakday o? (Can you take a break from talking nonsense?)

In the areas surrounding Jhang, the word Chaval is spoken as Chaghal, which has much to do with Punjab's diverse accents. It is said that language changes in one way or another every 20 kilometers in Punjab because Punjabi is not a standardized language. People from different areas have their own dialectic uniqueness, which adds diversity to the language and leaves room for natural evolution.

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