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Ishtarak (Magazine)

Ishtarak was a popular Pakistani magazine first published in Karachi in the mid-1970s. The magazine featured provocative images of non-Pakistani and Pakistani models and celebrities, as well as articles on topics such as sex, courtship, dating and relationships. Ishtarak was seen by many as a reflection of the changing social norms and attitudes in Pakistan, as the country underwent a period of rapid modernization and cultural change in the 1960s.

Despite its popularity, Ishtarak was also controversial, with many conservative groups in Pakistan criticizing its content as being "against the moral and cultural values of society." In 1984, the government of Pakistan banned the magazine, citing its offensive and immoral content as the reason for the ban.

The ban was seen by many as a reflection of the growing conservatism and religious fundamentalism in Pakistan during the 1980s. However, the ban also had the unintended consequence of further fueling the popularity of Ishtarak, with many readers and fans of the magazine continuing to seek out copies of the publication through unofficial channels.

In the years since its ban, Ishtarak has become something of a cultural icon in Pakistan, with many people looking back on it as a symbol of a more liberal and open society. However, the magazine's legacy remains controversial, with some arguing that it helped to push the boundaries of acceptable content in Pakistani media, while others view it as a negative influence on the country's cultural and moral values.

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