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In India and Pakistan, the term "jugaad" describes a creative and resourceful approach to problem-solving. It essentially refers to a strategy for solving a problem that uses sparse resources or unorthodox techniques. Flexibility, adaptability, and resourcefulness are the core elements of "jugaad."

The term is almost exclusively used in the Indian and Pakistani contexts to indicate people's capacity to come up with innovative solutions to issues, despite having few resources to tackle complicated scenarios. This can entail figuring out how to get by on a meager salary, coming up with temporary fixes for issues, or avoiding laws and regulations to get your way.

"Jugaad" has become a common term in business and management circles in recent years to describe a lean and adaptable method of problem-solving and creativity. "Jugaad" is also considered a means to utilize resources sustainably and smartly.

"Jugaad" is a term now widely used in most subcontinent regions. When challenged, the phrase "koi jugaar laga" (think of something out-of-the-box) is mostly used. "Jugaad" is an unorthodox approach to seeing issues and then coming up with equally, if not more, unorthodox solutions.

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