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Khajistan Press Releases True Colors of Filmic Fairies

Khajistan Press published True Colors of Filmic Fairies – an English translation of Khurshid Alam’s eight essays on the lives and times of some of the most famous film actresses of Lollywood – in August 2023.

True Colors of Filmic Fairies is a surgical dissection of each and every love affair of a myriad of film actresses of Lollywood from the 1960s to 2000’s – some of them ended in marriage, some in divorce, and yet a few reeked of bitterness, and betrayal. Still, none evaded the sharp observation and research of Khurshid Alam. To reduce this book to merely salacious gossip would also be unfair, for Alam delves way deeper than that. He is not only interested in what the actresses do when they 'become hit', but he also traces their life trajectories from the very start, bringing forth their social positionality and upbringing to contextualize their later life and choices. By quoting snippets from film magazines, newspapers, and personal exchanges, Alam’s book carries details about the private side of Lollywood that are extremely hard to find anywhere else. He coalesces the personal and the professional. From details of Babra Sharif to Neeli and Mumtaz; from Anjuman to Saima and Reema, along with a plethora of famous and infamous men involved with them, Alam’s microscope spares no one. These essays are a treasure chest for all Lollywood obsessives.

Khurshid Alam belongs to Abdul Hakeem, a city in the Khanewal district of West Punjab. He got his B.A from Government College Multan and his M.A from Zakaria University. Apart from True Colors of Filmic Fairies, Alam has also written a play by the title of Modern Children, and a “Study on Ghulam Farid,” which analyses the poetry of Khawaja Ghulam Farid, a 19th-century poet and mystic from Kot Mithan, D.G Khan.

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