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In Urdu and Punjabi, “Mahol'' literally means environment; it is also used to describe the general vibe to someone. A famous phrase in Punjabi is “mast mahol tay mithay chowl.” In addition to describing a chilled-out scene, the phrase also expresses one’s mental state.

There are many instances where the word “Mahol” is used quite commonly by people in their daily conversations. The area or locality in which the term is used also plays a role in determining the meaning implied by the term. Here are a few examples of its common usage:

  • “Ki mahol ay” (what’s the scene?);

  • “Barraa mahol banaya jay aj” (it looks like the scene is on today). Sometimes, those familiar with English, especially Gen-Z, swap “mahol” with the word scene as it implies the same meaning. “Barraa scene banaya jay aj?”

The phrase “mast mahol tay mithay chowl” is often chalked on city walls throughout different localities of Punjab, Pakistan. It's also used profusely in Punjabi stage shows, Punjabi films, and sometimes on mainstream Urdu television.


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