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Meher Baba

Meher Baba (born Merwan Sheriar Irani) was an early-20th-century Indian spiritual master and mystic. His followers regard him as the Avatar (divine incarnation) of the age. Baba emphasized the possibility of direct personal experience with God and the role of the spiritual master in guiding the seeker along this path in his teachings.

One of the central tenets of Meher Baba's philosophy is the notion of the "Perfect Master," or spiritual guide who has attained self-realization and can lead others to God-realization. Baba taught that the role of the Perfect Master is to arouse the inner spiritual potential of the spiritual seeker and guide them to realize the truth of their own divine nature.

Baba also emphasized the significance of spiritual practices such as meditation and prayer in the spiritual journey, and he urged his followers to regularly engage in these practices. Additionally, he emphasized the significance of living a life of love, service, and selfless devotion to God.

The concept of the "divine game" or "leela" is an additional crucial aspect of Meher Baba's philosophy. This refers to the belief that the universe and all its inhabitants are taking part in a divinely-orchestrated cosmic play in which the ultimate objective is to realize one's true divine nature. The difficulties and challenges we face in life, according to Baba, are all part of this divine game and ultimately opportunities for spiritual development and self-realization.

In summary, Meher Baba's philosophy revolves around the notion that God-realization is possible through direct personal experience and that this path is guided by a Perfect Master. Furthermore, he emphasized the significance of spiritual practices, love, service, and surrender to God in the spiritual journey, as well as the "divine game" as a means of spiritual development.

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