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Multiple Dimensions in Islam

The concept of multiple dimensions and time-space in Islam is rooted in the belief that the physical world is not the sole reality and that there are other realms beyond our physical understanding. In Islamic theology, these other realms are believed to be created by God and are governed by different laws of physics and time.

One of the most well-known examples of this concept in Islam is the Prophet Muhammad's Mi'raj experience, described in Islamic tradition as a spiritual journey during the Prophet's lifetime. During this journey, the archangel Gabriel is said to have taken the Prophet to the seven levels of heaven and then to the Divine Presence of God, all in the time frame of one night. This experience is often interpreted as an example of the possibility of traveling through different dimensions and realms and the existence of other planes of existence beyond our physical world.

The Mi'raj experience is also seen as a demonstration of the Islamic belief that time and space are not absolute and can be manipulated by God. It is believed that during the journey, the Prophet traversed vast distances quickly and witnessed events that occurred in the past, present, and future. This indicates that time and space are relative and can be bent and molded by God.

Some scholars have also suggested that the Mi'raj experience is related to the idea of the multiverse, a concept in physics that suggests an infinite number of parallel universes with different laws of physics and time. These parallel universes are believed to be connected and can be accessed through different dimensions.

In conclusion, the concept of Mi'raj shows that our experiences of time and space are governed by our limited perception and are in no way absolute. There are other imperceptible dimensions, but they exist and are controlled by the higher powers. Time may either slow down or fasten up in parallel universes, depending on the specific physical conditions and laws that govern those universes.

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