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"Shora" is a Punjabi term used to describe someone 'edgy' or flamboyant; it is mainly reserved for young men in Punjab. Some of the personality characteristics of a Shora are: dynamic hairstyle with gelled hair, tight jeans, black glasses, and chest up while sitting on a Honda CD 70 or Honda 125 (the favorite rides of Shoras). At some point in their life, every teenager in Punjab used to be a Shora; whether their peers called them that in front of them or behind their backs is another matter. Some are closeted shoray, while others never shy away from exhibiting their edgy and flamboyant self out in front of everyone.

The phrase "haaye o shorya" (wow, you edgy fuck) is commonly said and heard whenever a Shora passes his peers or meets them. Some other phrases (every area has its typical phrases for Shoras, and they vary greatly) are: "jee o Shorya, barri jutti layi aa" (kudos, boy, great shoes); "ay Shoryan waliyaan harkataan naa karr" (don't act like an edgy fuck); "wekh ni, shora jaya naa hovay tay" (yo, checkout that edgelord).

Shoras are often inspired by famous film characters and try to base their personalities off of them. As teenage is a very impressionable age, it is understandable that everyone wants to stand out among their peers in one way or another. That is what Shoray boys do. Most try to copy celebrity hairstyles, how an action hero walks the street, and how a hero rides his bike. Perhaps that is why a hero is another term quite close to Shora and is often used interchangeably. To call someone, a hero implies that they are either looking like a hero or acting like one. Shoras also try to emulate those heroes and their dynamic flare.

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