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What Books do the Taliban Read?

The Taliban, a militant group based in Afghanistan, has used various forms of media to disseminate its ideology and propaganda. Some of these include:

Pamphlets to disseminate knowledge/propaganda among the local population.

Official Statements across social media accounts to share their views on current events and to claim or deny responsibility for any deadly attacks.

Audio cassettes, radio broadcasts with recordings of speeches and sermons by their leaders, and videos that often contain footage of attacks and training camps.

The Taliban also have written and published books. The content of these books is, more often than not, religious and reflective of the group's ideological underpinnings.

Some of them are listed below:

"The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: A Brief History" - This book provides an overview of the Taliban's history, including their rise to power in the 1990s and their time in government.

"The Koran and its Explanation" - This book is a collection of religious texts and commentary and was written to provide a specific understanding of the Quran for followers of the Taliban.

"Jihad in the Way of Allah" - This book is a collection of religious teachings and stories and was produced to promote the idea of jihad, or holy war, as a chief aspect of the Taliban's agenda.

Note: These books are not available in the public domain, and are not sold in public places either. They are instead used only for the Taliban's internal propaganda and teachings. These materials often contain violent content and It is not recommended to seek out materials produced by any extremist group.

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