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Khajistan Press is translating and publishing censored materials.

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Hakeem Akhtar
Saad Khan

Homosexual Desires in Madrasas is a translation of a sermon delivered by the Indian Sufi Muslim scholar Maulana Shah Hakeem Muhammad Akhter in Rehmatpur, Bangladesh, in 1986. This sermon was originally published in Urdu as a guide for Maulana's International seminary instructors on how to avoid developing romantic or sexual feelings for their students.

The first volume of Mashallah Bohot Zabardast is a collection of words and images from Pakistani users of dating and other social apps. The four-chapter chapbook covers a variety of topics that individuals feel uncomfortable discussing in person. From grindr warning texts to sexual and political memes to WhatsApp good morning messages Mashallah Bohot Zabardast depicts an emotional digital display of a censored Pakistani population.

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Khurshid Alam

Dive into Lahore's film entertainment scene with "True Colors of Filmic Fairies," a book that escorts readers through the scandalous corridors of Urdu dailies and showbiz periodicals. Khurshid Alam passionately guides you into the shadowy recesses of Pakistan's esteemed film heroines, unveiling their covert love affairs, closely guarded secrets, and silent struggles.

Dickiran is a collection of tender drawings of dick pics from Iranian cyberspace.

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