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Khajistan Releasing is releasing censored movies.

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Urdu with English subtitles 
Urdu and Punjabi with English subtitles 

From the dingy cellars of Bubonic Films comes the only surviving copy of Aurat Raj, a misunderstood piece of Pakistani cinema banned upon release in 1979.

After a bomb blast switches genders nationwide, men and women fight for political power. Aurat Raj (Woman's Rule) mocks Pakistani culture and cinema. Actor and wrestler Rangeela wrote and directed Aurat Raj. Rangeela's friends, including Rani, Waheed Murad, Naghma, Chakori, Shehla Gill, Badar Munir, and Sultan Rahi appeared in the film.

People may regard the way Afreen, Uzma, and Reema earn their living as vulgar, but these Pakistani dancers hold their heads high despite the threats, censorship, and prejudice. Enter the universe of three mujra dancers in Pakistan as they dodge state censorship and violence to vie for stardom. Intimate verite, phone calls, social media streams and home videos provide a never-before-seen look into the underbelly of the Punjabi theater business and the women who fight to play by their own rules.

Hide and Seekpng
Urdu with English subtitles 

From the flashdrive of Madari Films comes Hide & Seek (Urdu: Chuppan Chupai). This guerella-style feature documentary follows a group of gender-variant people as they navigate life in modern-day Pakistan.


In 2013, when there was little visual information on the subject, it provided a rare glimpse into the lives of working-class homosexual and khwaja sira people in Pakistan. It was shown at Western universities, queer film festivals, and private screenings in its native country.

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