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In the last 50 years and more, Islamic nation-states have made it harder for their people to access certain kinds of knowledge. The knowledge that goes against a state's national story, beliefs, or values is often censored or unavailable to the public. This has made it harder for people to share ideas and information freely and has slowed down the progress* of groups-left-behind. Khajistan is about people, not nation-states whose administrators--hunchbacked by the burden of creating culture--hide the same people's experiences, art, and knowledge they administer. Khajistan is aggregating the knowledge, censored, ignored, or killed by nation-state plans, globalization, and west-focused technologies.


Every time technology upgrades, ideas, art, and ways of life from marginalized groups should be a part of the upgrade. Still, historically, only those who can afford to save history became deciders, writers, and custodians of what is protected and what is invisibilized. With the next stage of information technology improving data collection, combination, sharing, and learning, there is a unique opportunity to create a knowledge base and repository that gives people access to materials their governments ban or censor. Khajistan is creating a robust online platform powered by AI algorithms to give interactive access to these materials and knowledge.


Join us on this trip to update the epistemology of all peoples in the region and make all knowledge of the past and present available to everyone.


                                                                                                                                                  —  Saad Khan

                                                                                                                                       Founder, Khajistan



*Financial, mental, physical, emotional, and more.  

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